January 01, 2014

January focus on Dark green

I decided to focus eacht month not only on the Art Every Day theme but also on a color. That gives me also the opportunity to view my stash in a whole new way because you take color as the leading principle and not the yarn itself (whether it is cotton or mohair is not the dividing principle for now).
This being the focus I also want to make something in crochet and in knitting, and it would be nice if I inspire a few others... I made a newsletter to explain. For example through the Pinterest board Dark green (I will translate the Dutch bits, cannot guarantee that I succeed in all languages).
If you want to join... please keep this blog in mind, subscribe to my newsletter or follow the Dark green pinterest board (although I will switch to another color in February).

1 comment:

  1. Green is supposed to be the in color this fall. Nice choice. :-) Happy New Year!


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