November 29, 2013

November 29, Crochet snowflake and baby piano

Today I made a crochet snowflake to fit on a used CD. I'm not sure whether to use them as Christmascards (and decorate the back side) of to fit two CD's together and make a snowflake on the other side as well. This one is with hook 3, I might use other yarn to make it more dainty. (I have some time left before sending my Christmas cards and before the Christmas fair in about 2 weeks to try some more).

While I was putting this together my son finished his piano for the Sinterklaas celebrating next week. Here is the keyboard with small presents hidden underneath the keys.

And there is a larger present hidden in the piano itself. And the accompanying poem (which is really a national sport to make) is in the envelop on top.

I'm very proud he did not wait till the last moment to finish it (so unlike his mother!)


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