November 05, 2013

November 5, creative mandala morning

Today I taught a cladd mandala crochet. We started out with a 12 cm. hoop and worked our way round with single crochet, various colors and bows. Some turned into Christmas trees like my example, others were creative in their own way. Not all were finished though. Here are some examples:

And mine? Well I did not have that much time between explaining people what to do and helping to decide ehich way to go next. So my mandala is stuck in good intentions (and will be completed some other day I guess).


  1. I found you through creative everyday month challenge, this is WOW! amazing, how do you make a mandala with crochet, I'll follow you now and browse your blog some more tonight :)

  2. Wat een leuk idee! Jammer dat ik niet kan haken!

  3. I like this. I've never tried to crochet a mandala. I may have to! Happy AEDM!


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