June 04, 2012

Knooking away

This weekend I finally had the time to experiment with the knook. I have bought a wooden one, size 5, which puts me out of my comfort zone because I usually use finer yarn. Now I went for some feltable yarn, and made a multicolour basket.
This is what I did: On a basis of a chain of 9 I made 8 rows double crochet (this is the bottom-part). Then I went round the square and took all loops on the knook (this is so easy, whereas with knitting you should use 4 needles instead). I made 2 rows of knit stitches (which is in fact a chain crochet but then you go over to the next stitch) and then a row purl. Then two more rows of knit stitch and then I went on with crochet again. On each side of the square I made two rows of double crochet and one single crochet. When changing to another side I went down the side unto the base of the next side. When 4 sides were finished it looked like a folding figure. And that is the last step, fold the crochet sides to the inside and fasten it with a slip crochet along the purl row of the knitwork on the outside. I added a handle and now I'm ready to felt it! I will show the result tomorrow (along with the pattern for the handle).

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