November 12, 2013

November 12, creative printing

This morning I enjoyed a creative printing workshop. Since I usually use yarn to epress myself I found it difficult to start, but we did some nice techniques and it was a very creative group. I also told them about this challenge, so perhaps there will be some more Dutch participants.
I also received a nice gift (from someone who knows I love butterflies), so this is what my table looks like:

The butterflies are foam cut out and glued to cardboard, then printed on paper with stamping ink.

The four larger printings are monotype printed from a tile, you put paint on a tile, then print it on paper and then change the appearance by rolling the paint, adding water or adding tips of paint. The appearance on the tile changes, and what becomes of your printing is a surprise.

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  1. They turned out wonderful Aan! great texture and colour and thanks for visiting my blog - hope to see more of your work


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