November 08, 2013

November 8, gratitude beads

Today was a busy day because we had a meeting with all the volunteers of the Foundation I work for. We make gratitude bead strands. Each of the 16 beads stands for something you are grateful for, and by using it everyday it is very nice to count your blessings (more about gratitude on
We also use this number for our Foundation, for example, we decided on a sale of 16 euro's (ehhmmm... I still have to adapt the webshop to that number, but Okay, next week it will be tip-top).
One of the surprises was this new strand of which I received the first trial version. So today not really something I made with my hands, but which I helped design
It is a little tree on a jade strand of beads.

And what I was up to myself (in the little time left and on the bus), see for yourself:
Tomorrow I will reveal what I intended it to be.


  1. What a talented lady - beading and knitting! Impressive.

  2. I love the idea of gratitude beads, and the silver tree charm is beautiful!


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