November 16, 2013

November 16, earrings

Although it is a bit cheating I decided to show you my crocheted earrings. I made the frame in August, a newsletter item (in my Dutch newsletter I Always post a free pattern). Since I spend my time today making some more half-way (not really finished) earrings and a new item for my November newsletter (which was not finished when there was still light to take a picture), I decided to post this:
It is worked around plastic mesh (which is a great basis for crochet), a really simple pattern. You first make a single crochet row all along the mesh, then little bows of 3 chain stitches and a single crochet in every second stitch (from the first row). And the finishing touch is just like the butterfly wings which I also like to make, in every bow 1 single crochet, 1 half double crochet, 2 double crochets, 1 half double crochet, 1 single crochet. You skip the single crochet in the second row, and you have to work it out on the corners for it to look nice (some larger bows and/or more stitches).

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