November 23, 2013

November 23, butterfly and mitts

I sorted through my stash of felt today, altough I failed to photograph the resulting color wheel. Then I went on designing a butterfly, an orange tip. I want to make 8 more for my Sinterklaas celebration (on December 6th) so I have to do some more (sew up the felt, add beads etc), but this is a start (it is about 10 cm wide).
Of course it would have been easier just to buy a package at Atelier Lindelicht (which has some amazing butterflies), but I want to make other varieties and more than 7... and there is enough felt lying around.
I also finished my first drag (a fingerless mitt) from a knitting pattern in the wonderful E-book Dreaming of Shetland. They were designed by Sheila January. Fumbling the thumb-part was the most time-consuming part, but I guess the right hand mitt would be easier (easier to photpgraph as well).
I added a small motif on the back of the hand, but it did not turn out as I planned. Anyway, this mitt is in the washing machine right now to full, curious which size it will turn out. I want to make a pair for my father in law for next week.. but I'll have to experiment to get the size right.

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