November 22, 2013

November 22, preparing for Christmas fair

Today I 'designed' some Christmastree ornaments which can be made during a workshop at the Christmas fair (on December 14th). I also tried to make an inventory of things I want to sell at the fair, and what I still have to do to prepare. So now the floor in my room is a total mess, but my list is pretty clear.

These ornaments (or if children would rather make it a necklace that is also a possibility - the one in the middel is long enough) are made with the silver coloured rings from the foundation. One of the goals is to enhance childrens' attitude of grace and to let them get in touch with positive energy and finding their true spirit. By teaching children how to make a gift for someone else I think I contribute to those goals, and if they learn how to crochet either with a hook or with their fingers I also teach them that it is nice to maken something yourself, and that you do not need much to explore your own creativity.


  1. What fun to make Christmas ornaments! I have lots of happy memories of making them through the years. =)

  2. What a great idea to have children learn how to make a gift for someone else. The spirit of giving and philanthropy - when started early - can last a lifetime.


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