November 02, 2013

November 2, Butterfly

I bought a felt pack to make a butterfly, called Kleine vos (Little fox) in Dutch and if I'm correct Little tortoiseshell in English. I really like butterflies, saw one just like it last week (which is amazing since the temperatures are dropping now, and we had a really big storm this week).
On my Dutch blog I post pictures of butterflies, and I also have a pinterest board with all kinds of butterflies (crochet, other art and now this one as well).

Here is one from the Summer before last in my garden.

Atelier Lindelicht has some more butterflies in store, although not my other favorite (Peacock). Funny that although this is a crochet blog I did not do any crochet these past days. But I will get there.
I made a pinterest board for Art Every Day as well, so that is another way of following me through this challenge.

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